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Quality Home Health Care receives patients that need, qualify or have Catastrophic Health Insurance, which is a specific type of health coverage defined under the Affordable Care Act

Before the Affordable Care Act, "Catastrophic Coverage" was a generic term that referred to any sort of health plan with high out-of-pocket costs and limited coverage for routine health needs. Notably, Catastrophic Plans are not available as employer-sponsored coverage.

Quality Home Health Care is well-versed in working with Catastrophic plans,  as it serves as a financial safety net in case you have very high medical costs during the year. Regardless of how long or much you will need Home Health Care Services, most services are offered under any type of referral or plan as costs are counted towards the deductible within your Catastrophic Health Insurance.  ("covered" means that the costs count towards the deductible until you meet it, and then the health plan pays for the rest of your essential health benefits needs for the remainder of the year). It is advised that you contact your Health Insurance Provider and Quality Home Health Care to discuss the details of your plan, coverage, treatment and to receive clarity on any questions you may have.

Please note that you may have to meet your deductible before your catastrophic health plan will start to pay for your care (although you will be able to pay the health plan's negotiated rates during this time, instead of having to pay the full amount that the medical provider bills). Only certain people qualify to buy catastrophic health insurance in the individual insurance market. You have to either be under the age of 30 or have a hardship exemption (which includes affordability exemptions) from the Affordable Care Act’s  individual mandate penalty. The federal government has expanded the list of circumstances that make people eligible for hardship exemptions, so more people than ever before are able to purchase Catastrophic Plans. Even though the federal penalty for being uninsured was eliminated after the end of 2018, an exemption is still necessary in order to buy a Catastrophic Plan if you're 30 or older and even if you do not spend enough on health care to meet your catastrophic health plan’s deductible, you’ll still pay less on out-of-pocket medical expenses with a Catastrophic Plan than if you had no health insurance coverage at all. Additionally, a Catastrophic Plan can be an HMO, PPO, EPO, or POS plan. These plans all negotiate discounted rates with the doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies that are in their network of providers. As a subscriber to the catastrophic health plan, you get the benefit of these discounted rates even before you’ve paid your deductible.

Quality Home Health Care will not offer a patient less or unsatisfactory service based on their health care plan, dues or income-level. Quality Home Health Care goes the extra distance to provide compassionate in-home health care services throughout Southeast Michigan and has for over 25 years. Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan is proud to be one of the leading sources of home health care nationwide. Our mission is to provide client focused comprehensive health care to persons needing home care services, and deliver high quality health services, customized to meet our patient's  needs, without regards to age, gender, race, creed or color. Our Home Health Care Services tremendously improve, not only our patient's  health, but also their quality of life. Quality Home Health Care is ready to provide assistance to help the patient maintain health and comfort at home through our experienced health care team consisting of Skilled Nurses, Therapists, Medical Social Workers, Home Health Aides, and Dietitians. Choose Quality Home Health Care as your Home Health Care Provider, Your source for Skilled Nursing and Home Health Care in Southeastern Michigan.

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The staff at Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan was helpful in aiding my great-aunt after her discharge from the hospital. They ensured she was comfortable and felt secure while being cared for in her own home. The nurses were warm and welcoming and provided great company for my aunt while she was in pain following her last hospital visit. The staff was also accommodating to my family members and were transparent in their form of care so we knew exactly what was happening and what to expect with my aunt's help. I'd recommend this company to anyone seeking home care for their elderly family member recently discharged from the hospital or in need of nursing assistance in their own home.

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