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Older Americans determined to stay in their own homes are likely to need help at some point with nursing services and personal care. Over the next decade, nearly 10,000 baby boomers a day are expected to be turning 65 years old, solidifying the need for quality and reliable home health care services. While it may be hard to accept, most people will require some type of medical care assistance after the age of 65 even if still with a spouse or loved ones. 

If the idea of moving to a retirement community, assisted living facility, or nursing home doesn’t appeal to you or your family, home care services may be able to help keep you living in your own home for longer. Speaking with your doctor and loved ones to properly evaluate your health and needs can help you decide whether staying at home and receiving vital care truly is the right decision for you. 

Too often, decisions to leave home are made abruptly after a sudden loss of a spouse or caretaker. Moreover, depending on factors such as how much support one needs, the state of their general health and mobility, and financial situation all play factors into deciding whether to choose Assisted Living or Home Health Care.

Before making a definite decision for yourself or a loved one, the benefits of Home Health Care should be considered, which include: 

  • Home Health Care professionals can be there when loved ones aren't able to.  If you are caregiving, Home Health Care can give you peace of mind. Trained and qualified professionals can assess safety risks and make simple corrections to a home; from placing a rug on a slippery floor, to recommendations for ambulatory assistance. 
  • Home Health Care supports activities of daily living (ADLs), providing patients with their highest quality of life and piece of mind. Assistance with activities of daily living can include bathing, grooming, and medication reminders. 
  • Access to Skilled Nursing without the need of transporting patients or loved ones. Skilled, certified, licensed and knowledgeable nurses, able to operate highly technological medical equipment are there when needed and ensure that medical needs are met and addressed. 
  • Support with diet and nutrition for patients with chronic conditions, can be overseen to prevent the loss of lean body mass. Home care may include nutritional counseling and home-cooked meals to protect your loved ones against malnutrition.
  • Medication management. If your loved one is on multiple prescriptions it can be confusing to manage. Home Health Care professionals can ensure the right medications are being taken at the right times to control health conditions and prevent harmful drug interactions.
  • Home health care professionals provide caring companionship. Research shows that aging adults stay healthier with social interaction. Home Health Aides can become trusted friends for walks, reading, cards, games, movies, meals, and other social activities. 
  • Home Care helps with light household chores. When aging adults struggle with accomplishing daily demands of housework, such as laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and simple chores, home care helps to consistently maintain a safe and healthy living environment.
  • Home Health Care clients have comparable or better health outcomes. Research has shown that clinical results are comparable or better with fewer complications when home care is provided to individuals with chronic conditions such as pneumonia, diabetes, or COPD.
  • Attentive focus and support through Home Health Care services is truly unique, providing meaningful, one-on-one personal and Skilled Care.  
  • An affordable alternative to facility or hospital care. According to the National Association of Home Care, the average cost of care from a skilled nursing facility is $544 dollars per day, while the average cost of home health care per visit is $132 dollars.

Seek better care with Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan. We go the extra distance to provide compassionate in-home health care services throughout Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties. Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan is proud to be one of the leading sources of home health care nationwide. Our mission is to provide client focused comprehensive health care to persons needing home care services, by some of the most outstanding and experienced professionals in the industry and deliver high quality, exceptional health services, customized to meet our patient's  needs, without regards to age, gender, race, creed or color. Tremendously improving, not only our patient's  health, but also their quality of life. 

After a patient has completed a doctor, hospital or rehab facility visit, the doctor or discharge planner may ask if the patient wants in-home health care to help with the healing process. Once a patient chooses to receive home health care, the doctor can refer the patient to a home health care agency based on the hospital's automatic affiliation. However, the patient has the right to choose an agency they trust to care for their specific needs at home - such as Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan. At QHHC, we are committed to treating patients with quality home care that speeds recovery. When a patient chooses the expert services of QHHC, the patient’s doctor must provide a referral in order for the patient to start receiving home care from us. We are committed to following the doctor’s recommended plan of care and providing the best support possible for a successful recovery. We help patients maintain and regain their health and functionality after life altering events. We provide high quality skilled services based on your doctor's recommended plan of care. Quality Home Health Care is ready to provide assistance to help the patient maintain health and comfort at home. Our experienced health care team consists of nurses, therapists, medical social workers, home health aides, and dietitians. Choose Quality Home Health Care as your Home Health Care Provider, Your source for Skilled Nursing and Home Health Care in Southeastern Michigan.

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The staff at Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan was helpful in aiding my great-aunt after her discharge from the hospital. They ensured she was comfortable and felt secure while being cared for in her own home. The nurses were warm and welcoming and provided great company for my aunt while she was in pain following her last hospital visit. The staff was also accommodating to my family members and were transparent in their form of care so we knew exactly what was happening and what to expect with my aunt's help. I'd recommend this company to anyone seeking home care for their elderly family member recently discharged from the hospital or in need of nursing assistance in their own home.

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