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You have the right to choose a home care agency that will tend to your specific needs. Don’t automatically settle for the hospital-related agency. We encourage you to seek better home care with Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan. We go the extra distance to provide compassionate in-home health care services for patients throughout Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties.

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With Quality Home Healthcare you will find a wide range of services and options for patients. Individuals who have experienced surgery, illness, critical diagnosis or hospitalization and feel that they qualify for home healthcare should talk to their doctor.

How it works

Step-by-Step Process

Referral Step 1

Medical Visit

After a patient has completed a doctor, hospital or rehab facility visit, the doctor or discharge planner may ask if the patient wants in home health care to help with the healing process.

Referral Step 2

Patient Chooses QHHC 

Once a patient chooses to receive home health care, the doctor may refer the patient to a home health care agency based on the hospital's automatic affiliation. However, the patient has the right to choose an agency they trust to care for their specific needs at home - such as Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan. At QHHC, we are committed to treating patients with quality home care that speeds recovery.

Referral Step 3

Doctor Referral

When a patient chooses the expert services of QHHC, the patient's doctor must provide a referral in order for the patient to start receiving home care from us. We are committed to following the doctor's recommended plan of care and providing the best support possible for a successful recovery.

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