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When a patient experiences an injury, lessened mobility, aging, or cognitive difficulty, hiring a health aide can help alleviate the impact of daily activities for both the patient and the family. Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan hires the best home health aides, direct care workers, and social workers to ensure your loved ones are cared for with tender loving care throughout all their needs. 

Home Health Aides

The Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) at Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan are equipped to provide caring and compassionate support to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind. Certified CNAs undergo training to handle more complex hands-on healing requirements such as patient monitoring. Hiring one of our Home Health Aides or CNAs gives comfort to those who are frail and elderly or recovering from surgery.  They provide a lending hand for everyday tasks including bathing, eating, using the restroom and assisting with mobility exercises to help improve the quality of your life.

Direct Care Workers

Direct Care Workers provide hands-on care for Military Veterans approved by the Dept. of Veterans Administration. They are hired to provide general supervision, physical, and emotional support to those who need it most. Having a Direct Care Worker for your loved one can help prevent falls, injuries, and readmissions to the hospital.

Social Workers

Social workers are responsible for providing emotional support and guidance through problems and issues. They provide coping mechanisms to enhance their patients’ lives. Social workers can help elderly and frail patients transition to new routines and provide a foundation of support for both the patient and their families. They can act as a liaison between the patient and other health care providers and counselors. Our social workers at Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan are committed to providing tender and loving care for your loved ones, placing you and your family at ease.

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The staff at Quality Home Health Care Services of Michigan was helpful in aiding my great-aunt after her discharge from the hospital. They ensured she was comfortable and felt secure while being cared for in her own home. The nurses were warm and welcoming and provided great company for my aunt while she was in pain following her last hospital visit. The staff was also accommodating to my family members and were transparent in their form of care so we knew exactly what was happening and what to expect with my aunt's help. I'd recommend this company to anyone seeking home care for their elderly family member recently discharged from the hospital or in need of nursing assistance in their own home.

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